Falling through love, rising in pain.


I reconnected with a guy today and he mentioned to me after 31 years of marriage he just got a divorce. It wasn’t a sad moment or anything like that… He seemed to be in great spirits, they even had lunch the other day…But let’s stop right here for a moment… Why is a guy, I mean the brother is no younger than 60 with not a strand of black hair on his head, getting divorced? 31 years of marriage and 2 beautiful daughters later?…

I know what it feels like when a family splits… I took that road before… There are no roses on that path…. No lilacs, no marigolds, no daffodils, no hibiscus, no daisies, no carnations, no buttercups.

Just torrential downpours on barren surfaces….

imageI will just call him Mr. Jiffy Lube for identity sake. Please say a prayer for Mr. Jiffy Lube because behind all the subliminal laughs, and up beat spirits I don’t think a 60 year olds heart is about that life.

Expressions after an explosion.

What will life be like when, (and I’m choosing my words very carefully understanding that our communication seem to NOt have this natural flow)… our communication improve. Weather it’s of my doings or yours. Some times you may have relations with a person then with another but the flow of the communication is different with both individuals? Well that’s evident here but moving right along.

Should we identify how we’ve helped each other over these past years? Nah, that’s quite clear. It is without question that we look out for the well being of each other. So let’s not prioritize that. Let’s prioritize this.
Economics: financial well being,
Or how bout we prioritize this
The responsibility of raising a child in a messed up world and having to grow him with morals and manners.
How about we prioritize our souls salvation?
Better idea, our emotional well being
You know what, how about we prioritize our health. No no scratch that let’s put traumatic experiences high on the priority list. Traumatic Experiences that usually leads to the way different people temperaments are shaped. Temperaments, attitudes, and anger.
After anger is suppressed for some time trigger points tend to come from no where.

Give me my car keys, “No”

Dishes on the floor, bathroom door broke

Male species storms out.

Expressions after an explosion.

“Every human being has been conditioned
to think and behave in certain ways – condition genetically as well as by their childhood experiences and their cultural environment.

That is not who they are but that is who they appear to be. When you pronounce judgment upon someone you confuse those conditioned mine patterns with who they are. To do that is in itself a deeply conditioned and unconscious pattern.
You give them a conceptual identity, and that false identity becomes a prison not only for the other person but also for yourself.

To let go of judgment does not mean that you don’t see what they do. It means that you recognize their behavior as a form of conditioning and you see it and accept it as that. You don’t construct an identity out of it for that person.

That liberates you as well as the other person from identification with conditioning, with form, with mind. The ego then no longer runs your relationships”.

An excerpt from, Stillness Speaks
By: Eckhart Tolle5C318748-6C0C-40BE-B868-222E6258F9CC

Lift Every Voice #History #Spiritual #Music

Lift every voice and sing, ’til earth and Heaven ring
Ring with the harmonies of liberty
Let our rejoicing rise, high as the listening skies
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun
Let us march on ’til victory is won
Now God of our weary years, God of our silent tears
Thou Who hast brought us thus far on our way
Thou Who hast by Thy might, led us into the light
Keep us forever in the path, we pray
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun
Let us march on ’til victory is wonScreenshot_20200216-221930_Instagram

I Have A Voive

I have a voice.

However, what am I using my voice to do?… but wait, my question is what comes before a voice?

You guessed right … thought.

And that gives us reason to revamp the initial title… the new title is now …
“I have a thought”, and my thought is that once I keep thinking the right thoughts and disproving the wrong ones, my outcomes automatically change.

Automate the right processes and you will find yourself living the above average life.

black and gray microphone with stand

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Get Inspired. #BrianChesky #AirBNB

20200210_161622Creatives have been at the heart of airbnb’s community since the very beginning. My co-founder Joe Gebbia And I met as students At Rhode School of Design And a few years later when we had the idea for Airbnb the first three guests we Welcome to our shared apartment in San Francisco were in town for a local design conference. Over the years many home hosts have told me that sharing this space allows them to pursue their craft, and a good number of creatives host Experiences, too, from textile and jewelry makers to do Ceramicists and Painters.

In this issue, we are celebrating the creative spirit and craftsmanship of Makers all over the world. Mosaic artist in Rome a Manhattan hat maker and ceramicists in Bhuj, India, share some of their inspiration and process; an incense maker in Tokyo talks about her Creations place in the history of her country: and a few more Artisans give us a look inside their private Studios. You can learn from many of these makers on Airbnb Experiences. But just reading the stories May inspire you to pick up a new hobby or return to an old one. As we become ever more reliant on digital devices the simple Act of unplugging and making something with your hands has become all the more restorative – and necessary.

Illustrations was my first love, and Walt Disney my first Idol He took countless risks and transformed his passion for art and storytelling into an incredible world changing company early on at Airbnb we decided to map out the guest and host experiences through Illustrated story boards. These Journeys were far too nuanced and important for spreadsheets all typical business plan – They required the magic of Disney. Today, I look at our host Community with the same admiration I have for Walt. They are harnessing their interests, in hospitality, and crafting, and so much more and turning them into a business. Whatever your passion is I hopwe the stories in these Pages Propel your own creative journey and perhaps inspire you to turn it into a career. Maybe we’ll be profiling you in a future issue.

Who Am I ?

Who Am I ?

I am that I am.

Who do I serve?

I am that I am.

What conscious decisions do you make today?

I make a conscious decision to be excellent, exceptional, great and phenomenal.

How are you going about doing so?

By choosing the people I surround myself with, reading and downloading positive and helpful information in my brain, watching the words that come out of my mouth. Exercise and drink water, keep the body temple clean.

What matters most to you?

The well being of my two boys and the well being of their mothers. Living an abundant life and functioning in my talents.

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5 Things to help poor communication.

1.  Don’t assume people know

A lot of the time these situations happen because people assume that everyone is clear on the expectations of their standards or exactly what actions should have been taken. This, then, is where we get to sneak in the old chestnut of Assume makes an Ass out of U & Me, but it’s kind of true. If you don’t clearly outline what the expectation is each time, then how will anyone know? Work on the rule of if it hasn’t clearly come out your mouth it doesn’t exist, and you won’t go far wrong.

2.   Use Plain English

Are you using jargon or management speak or regular plain English? Yes, I’m sure that you will sound very smart being able to rattle off the latest industry buzzwords or Three letter acronyms but guess what one works best? Right, plain English, forget the acronyms and buzzwords just talk it out like a normal human being and just talk to the other person as an equal who you actually want to pass information to.

3.  Make Sure You Actually Say (Useful) Things!

Let’s imagine that you are not trying to keep things secret and you do want the other person to succeed, in that case then you have to actually say out loud what you want from the other person. Don’t have a discussion/argument in your head before the actual discussion. Yes, I know everyone says to practice the hard discussions and you should, but not in your own head, get a friend or college to be the 2nd voice so it has to come out your mouth. You need to also hear what you say, and they can tell you if it makes sense. If you are someone who gets stressed in a hard conversation, make bullet points and tick them off to make sure you cover things!

4.  It’s About The Facts

Firstly remember that they are only facts if you can prove them and people agree, otherwise they are opinions and your thoughts. Where you can stick to the facts all the time and before you leave the conversation, ask the other person to explain what the expectation or agreement is, if they can’t you haven’t communicated it correctly so take a breath and try again, slow down, ask more questions as you go, draw things out, give them notes to take away if need be but don’t let them leave the conversation until you are both on the same level of understanding of the outcomes needed and if there is a particular way it must be done.

5. Practice

Everything is better with practice. Do lots of it, and with a range of people. Over-communicate and explain things again and again until people are either parroting back what you are saying or beg you to stop! The more you have clear conversations with people in a style that they enjoy the more successful you will be in getting the results that you need and the happier everyone will be.59732F88-7EC9-4C3C-8BEB-6F0DDDC4546C

Speak Life.

Make your words count. Featured Image -- 291

You cannot own your day until you own your words. Twenty-six letters rule your world. We all know the power of words. Words can inspire you and encourage you. Words can create a desire in you to be the biggest and brightest. And words can also tear you down, discourage you, demoralize, and dishearten you.

Words are powerful. Words are important. Your biggest challenge in life will be controlling your words. There is power in your words. Be careful what you say.

Speak with the goal of building up, seeing the good in every circumstance, and always making people better. There is great wisdom in pausing before you speak to measure your words against these standards:

Is it helpful?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

Do you want to own your day? Own your words.

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Present your best self repeatedly.

Who said it Shakespeare? I believe so and the quote reads “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts”

On a daily basis we are guaranteed to encounter various different experiences that have considerably high volumes  of impact on the outcome of our 24hr cycle.